Should you use SEO or PPC to improve the online presence of your business? It is a question anyone with a website must answer. While the answer is different for different businesses, as each one has unique needs, there are definite universal pros and cons to each. Here is what you need to know about SEO vs PPC. Read more

How does Google rank the pages of your website?

A great deal goes into the calculation for ranking your web pages; the search engines use complicated confidential mathematical formulas. The scientific name given them is the ranking algorithms. Due to their classified status, the search engine providers, of course, do not tell people exactly how these ranking algorithms function, but the team at IMPACT CONNECT USA have the tools to break down the effects that the ranking algorithms produce. We determine as carefully as possible the crucial components that your web page must contain to rank highly. We will not say we figured it out since this would not be accurate, but we come close, and that is an accomplishment.

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Inbound Marketing: Converting Visits into Sale

Inbound marketing is a matter of attracting attention. Do not make your message meaningless. Rather, draw your audience with beneficial information that they will use. Getting a customer’s attention is a must, but it is far better to be identified by them as having given them useful information that they share with their friends. Inbound marketing needs to have content that appeals to your customers to attract them, to have them return and to have them invite their friends as well. Think how this minor modification in the manner you create content will help with attracting one customer and generating two! Read more

While SEO that is fully automated may be tempting, it is very risky

Running a business has so many items to manage that it becomes a juggling act. One of the balls you are juggling is your website. So you are unable to give it the attention it is due? There are claims that business owners will hear from some online markets which promise quick results. Our strategy employs a slow consistent and sustainable pace which marches us towards our customer’s goals.

Historically, some of these methods may have worked, and Google, is constantly with the use of algorithms, on the lookout for these shady practices. Google has been known to hand down severe penalties to the organization using them. There have been instances where they take a website off the Google Index.

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